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Pathfinder is currently accepting applications of:
Security Personnel , Scientists, Technical Experts, Equipment Operators, other specialty skills

For a single gatecrashing contract, with opportunity for term-based employment.

To apply for any position please post application information to be reviewed.
Include your name, background, faction, motivations.
Describe your active skills in 5 (English) words.
Describe your knowledge skills is 8 (English) words.
You may list traits and other notes as well.

Specific Requirements-
Primary Location: Ma’adim Vallis, Mars
Clearance Level Must Currently Possess: None
Clearance Level Must Be Able to Obtain: Secret
Potential for Teleworking: No
Travel: Yes
Duration: Full-time, regimented schedule.
No experience required.

Preference will be given to those with-
Academic understanding of Gate Operations
Proficiency with Interfacing
Programming skills
Earth Sciences including Geology

Home Page

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