Slowest Gatecrash Ever

Position Available
Pathfinder, Ma'adim Vallis Canyon, Mars

Pathfinder~ Hiring Contractors

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Pathfinder Corp

General Gatecrashing Procedures for First-In Team
Record everything, secure the gate and establish perimeter, map the area, identify dangers and threats, establish base camp. Run scans and take samples, investigate items of interest, explore.

The gate to this planet was not functioning until recently. Probe data from the previous day recorded earth-like gravitation but a toxic atmosphere. Much of the landmass is covered in forests. There don’t appear to be any valuable resources (antimatter, metals to min, etc) on the planet, but the probe picked up a few interesting things within 5km of the gate. First, there was an amount of non-local organic matter (alien visitors?). Second, there was a collection of artificial buildings. No movement or active energy sources were detected.

Upon arrival see map 1
Crew traveled along the open area with truck towards non-local matter site. Analysis of the air composition revealed pockets of sulfur-dioxide and carbon dioxide gasses being released from cracks in the ground. Zou determined strong likelihood of volcanic activity in vicinity.

Non-local Organic Matter Site
Investigation revealed both alien and human organic material, bones mostly. Humans had prefall technology. They also appeared to be non-morphs. There were some implants and slight genetic modification.
Aliens had their own technology including respirators. They appeared to be shaped like large rodents, using a mixture of bipedal and quadrupedal movement. Thick “quills” made of what looked to be thin bone was found embedded in some of the human bone remains.
There was a fight between the two groups. Stephan gets the impression the humans might have won…

Crew took an alien skull, some human bones, and prefall guns. They returned items to the truck and go back through the site to head towards the second site. Facundo saw a metallic structure in the woods between the two sites, just on the edge of the 5km initial probe. They decided to detour towards it. Three spherical bots emerged and flew towards the crew. When within range, Stephan fired at them. They returned fire, but Stephan destroyed them. Facundo was able to salvage a cube that seemed to be important.

New discovery- Sentry Station
They continued to the station. Facundo could see a different shape near the top of the structure, and climbed up to see an array of solar panels. He also saw a second sun rising. Zou was able to see the electricity inside, and got an idea of the array of bots in the building. There were around 32 occupied charging stations and 10 empty pods. There was a small round door at the base that Stephan and Smith could fit through but the crew could not get the door open by knocking/looking for an interface. They chose not to break down the door…yet.

Artificial Buildings Station
The crew went on to the site with artificial buildings, which had crushed trees. Evaluation indicated that occurred around fifteen years ago. There was a single concrete-type road with square buildings on either side. The buildings themselves were made out of a type of metal alloy and appeared to be atmospherically sealed. There was one larger building at the end of the road. Stephan entered building while the rest of the crew did a lap around the perimeter.

The door to the center building was bashed open by something heavy. Inside he found one skeleton whose rib case had been crushed inward. The room itself was a meeting hall with one office offshoot on the side. There was a desk but nothing of note in the office. As he re-entered the main room, the crew plugged in the solar panels and provided power to the computer.

Smith accessed the computer and interacted with AI to get information about colony. Some of the data was corrupted, but queries revealed the crew left before the fall for a planet near Alpha-Centauri. They had a sparse crew, and their ship dropped down onto the trees to create the basic structure of this road and buildings. The first crew was meant to get farming efforts started and establish safe colony while they waited for the rest of the colony to arrive. First crew sent a message to Earth, but the message never arrived and no colonists came.

The AI was unaware of the other alien species, or what happened to the humans, explaining that he was only powered on briefly upon arrival on the planet. Smith informed the AI about the fall of Earth, that no humans were coming, and that AIs were being limited now to prevent them from rising up against humanity again. Smith said that he is working for humans, who would be reviewing information from this journey, and the conversation ended.

While the AI and Smith were conversing, Facundo went outside with Stephan. Facundo set up Thumper to analyze the structure of the planet beneath the surface. It revealed that there were magma paths (dykes) beneath the surface. Stephan used Facundo’s nuclear battery to enter one of the side buildings. They were simple residential buildings with sleeping quarters and hygiene facilities. He found an earth seashell on the floor.

Zou waited inside with Smith, and experienced 3 minutes of unconsciousness along with mental stress and trauma. Smith told him he was completely still within that period.

Facundo sent out scout missile to map unknown area further from the gate, to expose other potential interesting sites.


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